Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How the twins were gracious and never let their fame go to their heads

After their fame was established, they were requested to do many performances. They were in demand, and began to tour on the tween competition circuit where they were considered the sure-fire winners of the ultimate tween prize—the Tween Talent Time Trophy Cup!
 Around town the other kids talked about nothing except Rain and Sunshine’s fame. Rain, being 5 minutes younger than her sister and therefore more sensitive, wanted to make sure that the other kids never felt that her and her sister were looking down on them.

At their junior high school the twins answered everyone’s questions honestly and with the same professionalism they brought to the stage.

Everyone was picking classes for high school and was very excited. The twins were especially excited about the music classes they could do, and drama which could help them improve their performances. The only strange thing was that Rain wanted to take art and Sunshine didn’t.

And on that note they settled things and they both took Outdoor Ed. To learn to canoe. See the twins had never been apart before and had never even tried to do anything on their own. Even if they were on opposite sides of the room it felt like standing naked with everyone staring at you. 

So both of them had been very anxious that, their first year of high school anyways, they took the same classes. Hence they were very surprised when they got their class schedules in the mail.

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