Rain and Sunshine Faq

Besides loving the bagpipes (and accordion), they also like drinking brewskis, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and anything related to the Ukraine (aka The Motherland). They also adore their little sister, even though she sometimes gets skipped over in their stories.

Feel free to send questions about the twins, and I will try to get them to answer them. I will also try to do drawings in reply.

Question 1

Which one is Rain, and which one is Sunshine? How can you tell them apart?

Answer: Rain and Sunshine were not terribly helpful on this point. Those hosers think it's funny to leave everyone confused. Rain said, "Sunshine always wears a blue ribbon in her hair." But then Sunshine said, "I always wear a green ribbon in my hair!" One of them is lying.

Question 2

Do they have any other siblings? 

Answer: Yes, they have a little sister who they love. As I previously mentioned.

Question 3

Why do Rain and Sunshine talk like hosers but no one else around them does?


Question 4

Which one is the good twin and which one is the evil twin.

Answer: Rain and Sunshine thought seriously about this, and considered the implications of it.

In the end, they rejected this false dichotomy that is often forced onto twins and which is a leading cause of having to go to therapy later in life.

Question 5

Would you rather have a magic flying carpet or a long term relationship?

Answer: This question caused the twins a lot of concern for humanity. They worried that singletons are so lonely that they would choose love over magic, or saw love as magic because they are so isolated and alienated. In the end they decided that a flying carpet was like a magic sky skidoo.