Monday, March 14, 2011

How the twins weren't even in high school yet and it was already causing problems

The twins spoke softly as they got prepared for an important performance in Kitchener Ontario. Only a curtain separated them from masses of their fans in the out door arena in Victoria Park. On the stage, a girl was tap dancing to Olivia Newton John’s “Let’s get Physical”.

Sunshine and Rain looked at each other and smiled. They nodded in sync as the tap dancer finished and it was their turn. 

They stepped onto the stage to the applause of the crowd. They walked to the center of the stage, both of their hands a little sweaty in the others’. Rain began her drone, but for the first time ever Sunshine wasn’t sure which song her twin had in mind. She looked at her, but Rain was lost in the power of the music. Sunshine mentally flipped a coin between the Ballad of Lugh Mcfee and Amazing Grace, she went with Amazing Grace and suddenly their two voices were blending harmoniously into musical perfection and the moment of anxiety passed. 

Afterwards, they were interviewed by the paper.

The twins loved being interviewed, but boy were surprised when they saw the paper the next day.


  1. FIRST! Also: I've always wanted to ride a skidoo. Screw the haters.

  2. Your Mom may make the dough for the Porogies but the unknown ingredients for the filler, a highly kept family secret passed on by my grandpa,will only be revealed at our next Family reunion.
    And only if you help make them.

  3. "Yeah but we've authentic Ukranian, eh?"
    Looks great Nola!

  4. I've always wanted to learn to make perogies! Although I've never even heard of a Semczyszyn family reunion.