Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How the twins were (finally) allowed to skidoo to school

I probably don’t have to tell you that the Big Top Talent Time Tween Challenge Trophy Cup was the final contest for the tween circuit season, and the twins had won it every year that they had competed. This was the last year they were eligible, and if they won it meant they would be the only act ever to win every year that they competed. In the 1970s a guy had won four times, but he’d gone on to the Olympics or something. So there was quite a lot of excitement about the upcoming show, and the potential record the twins would set. It wouldn’t have meant very much to the twins, because no one had ever beat them on the tween circuit until that very year.  So then you can see why the newspaper review bothered them so much.

The twins looked at each other, as if trying to read one another’s thoughts. 

This topic brought up uncomfortable feelings that the twins had never before experienced. It felt a little like the shame you might feel from tripping in public. It also felt like that dread when you forgot a class assignment was due and everyone else begins taking out their papers and your mouth goes dry and your mind races because the teacher is about to call you out to read something and you have to admit to failure. The twins didn’t quite know what to do about this feeling except to call it by name. The name of their shame and dread was Debbie Willard.

Debbie Willard’s family had moved to Carrick just that year and she had hit the tween circuit like a locomotive. Her dad was an anthropologist or something, and the family had been living, for many years, in Polynesia. It was there that Debbie had learned the dances that she was now using to wow the crowds of Carrick and environs. “Polynesian Fancy Dance” the twins, and some others on the tween circuit, called it disparagingly.

But in fact no one had ever seen anything quite like it before, and truth be told, everyone loved the colour, the cheer, and the flavour of the exotic that Debbie brought to the stage. Her and the twins had been in a kind of cold war détente for tween circuit supremacy for the entire season, and now coming up to Sunday and Big Top Talent Time they were neck and neck for the front runner position. 

The twins had never lost anything before, and they didn't quite know what to make of it. All they knew was that their once perfect lives had been thrown into a kind of disarray by Debbie Willard and everything she represented. 

The twins looked at their parents with their most serious faces, wiling them to see the turmoil they felt in their hearts. Turmoil their parents could solve with just one word. The word yes.

Their parents conferred and in the end decided that as long as they promised not to fight over who got to drive, then they could take the skidoo to school in the winter, because it was, after all, on the other side of town.  So the twins just had to focus on the upcoming Big Top Talent Time Tween Challenge Trophy Cup, and then fix their class schedules, and life would go back to being perfect. 

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